Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyers in Massachusetts

Actos bladder cancer lawyers at the Massachusetts firm of Kelley Law Group, P.C. are currently investigating lawsuits on behalf of diabetes patients who developed bladder cancer as a result of taking Actos. Actos (pioglitazone) is made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and was approved by the FDA in 1999 to help reduce insulin dependence in patients with Type II diabetes. Unfortunately, recent studies and evidence have shown that patients who take Actos face a higher risk of developing bladder cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer after being prescribed Actos, you may be able to recover compensation for hospital bills and other damages by filing a dangerous drug lawsuit. The Actos lawyers at our Massachusetts personal injury law firm can help you learn more about your rights in a free legal consultation.

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Actos Bladder Cancer

In September 2010, the FDA issued the first of a number of Actos bladder cancer warnings. This warning was based on preliminary data gathered from an in-progress 10-year study conducted by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Early in the study, researchers noted that Actos users have a risk of developing bladder that increases the longer they take the drug.

Italian researchers released a study in May 2011 that found that FDA Adverse Event Reporting System records show a disproportionately high rate of bladder cancer in Actos users. The following month, the FDA issued a second Actos bladder cancer warning.

Actos sales were stopped in France and Germany in July 2011. Since then, French officials have issued a formal Actos recall. American, European, and Canadian regulators are still conducting meetings and launching further investigations into the strong link between Actos and bladder cancer. At this time, no Actos recall has been issued in the United States, but a number of doctors, scientists, and patients who have experienced Actos bladder cancer are pushing for the FDA to take further action.

Other Actos Side Effects

Bladder cancer is not the only potentially fatal side effect of Actos. The FDA required a black box warning to be placed on Actos labels in 2007 because it had been determined at that time that Actos patients face a higher risk of congestive heart failure. Other potential Actos side effects include liver failure and an increased risk of bone fracture.

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If you have taken Actos for more than one year and have subsequently been diagnosed with bladder cancer, your diabetes medication may have had a role in the formation of this disease. You may be entitled to compensation in a dangerous drug lawsuit, and it is important to act soon so that a statute of limitations does not cause you to lose your right to pursue justice. To learn more about victim compensation in Actos bladder cancer lawsuits, contact experienced lawyers at the Massachusetts firm of Kelley Law Group, P.C.