Massachusetts Gas Explosion Lawyers

Propane can explode for a variety of reasons.  A gas explosion can happen at any time and at almost any place and may be the result of defective propane tanks or by the gross negligence by the gas company or its employees.

Our Massachusetts propane explosion attorneys are helping victims and their families across Massachusetts. We represent every gas explosion injury client on a contingent fee basis, meaning there are absolutely no legal fees or costs unless you recover money.

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Gas and Propane Explosion Accident Facts

Each year more than 26 million people use propane gas.  More than 100 million people use natural gas.  The fact is you are four times more likely to end up in an explosion using propane gas than you are by using natural gas.  You are also as much as 13 times more likely to suffer from a serious injury or burns due to propane gas than you are from natural gas.  Finally, you are 100 times more likely to be killed or suffer from life-threatening injuries where there is a product failure while you are around propane as opposed to natural gas.

Propane Explosion Accident?

Propane gas can explode for many different reasons and some of the time it’s due to negligence on someone’s part.  Here are some common causes of gas explosions:

  • Code violations in regard to placement or use of propane
  • Failure to meet the current safety standards
  • Failure or refusal to recommended safe handling while using, moving or refilling gas tanks
  • A defective overall product or parts of a product
  • Not enough information about safe handling and use of propane or natural gas
  • Negligence in the proximity of the gas to electrical and heating sources

Injuries Associated with a Gas Explosion Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a propane gas explosion accident, call us now to speak to an experienced Massachusetts gas explosion attorney.  We can help.

Common injuries associated with a propane explosion accident include:

  • Severe burns caused by a propane gas explosion
  • Loss of body parts if too close to the gas explosion
  • Severe cuts and lacerations due to flying debris
  • Building fires as a result of a gas explosion
  • Smoke inhalation due to fires caused by a gas explosion
  • Death caused by a gas explosion

Our Massachusetts gas explosion attorneys are dedicated to helping explosion and burn injury victims get the maximum compensation they need and deserve. Our Massachusetts gas explosion lawyers will work hard to get you past and future medical expenses as well as all of the money that you are entitled to.

Experienced Massachusetts Propane Explosion Lawyers

Contact our personal injury lawyers today for your free case evaluation. We have helped many others who have been injured due to gas explosions and we can do the same for you.
If you or a loved one has been injured in a propane explosion accident, contact a Boston, Massachusetts gas explosion lawyer at 1-888-554-2889. We offer:
•    A free, no-obligation case evaluation
•    No fee unless we win your case
•    Flexible appointments
•    Home and hospital visits anywhere in Massachusetts

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